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One good promotion deserves another

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to announce the promotion of one of our own, Matthew Miller (MR) to Deputy Air Traffic Manager. MR has been a great training staff member and has most recently been the Events Coordinator. MR has excelled at both of these positions and will make a great DATM with his knowledge of our facility and his energy/attitude. I'll go all cliche on you and say it seems like yesterday that I was receiving PM's on VRC from ZID_MM_OBS when I was working LEB_TWR about how cool he thought it was I was staffing it. 

So join me in congratulating MR on his new promotion, there are great things ahead!

Francis Dube (DB) 
ZBW Air Traffic Manager


2 weeks ago

A New Air Traffic Manager Emerges

Team Boston,

I am honored and excited to announce that I have been appointed as Boston ARTCC's Air Traffic Manager.

Obviously watching Don Desfosse and Rich Bonneau excel in this position before me have been great examples of what it takes to make this facility great. I feel that we have a strong core of controllers and staff members that are ready and able to step up continue the tradition that is vZBW. As DO has said many times "many hands make light work" and recently there have been many hands in getting facilities, website design, and facility documentation updated and modernized.

Our goals and vision are going to continue to be based in growth, retention, excellence, and... wait for it... FUN! We are at our best when we randomly staff 6-8 positions on a Tuesday night with no planning, and it usually starts with just one person staffing up and the rest just come pouring in. 

The future is bright here at ZBW, and I am happy to serve for all of you and do my part to make this one hell of a place to keep virtual tin separated!

Francis Dube

Air Traffic Manager

Boston ARTCC


3 weeks ago

vZBW Social Media

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3 weeks ago

PDC In Use!


PDCs (Pre-Departure Clearances) are now in use at ALB, BOS, BDL, and PVD.

Be aware that PDCs will only be utilized when deemed necessary by the controller, for example, in situations such as high workload. However, if pilots wish to receive your clearance via PDC at one of these airports, they may make that request to the appropriate controller.

Pilots are not required to readback any portion of their PDC unless they have any questions or concerns. 

However, pilots are required to call in with the current ATIS code as well as their assigned transponder code. See example below:

"Boston Ground, JetBlue seventeen eighty-six ready for taxi with information Alpha, squawking 1301."

Feel free to email datm@bostonartcc.net with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding these new PDC procedures.


1 month ago

ZBW Procedures Update

New procedures are in effect within ZBW as of 13 November 2014.   ZBW controllers will accomodate both the old RNAV arrivals as well as the new ones for some transition period.  Pilots should identfy the RNAV arrival they are planning to fly in their flight plan. Radar vector arrival procedures are also still available and in effect for those pilots unable to fly RNAV arrivals.


The KRANN3 RNAV arrival has been removed and replaced by the ROBUC1 RNAV arrivalIn addition, the OOSHN and QUABN STARs have been updated with major changes to the crossing restrictions. They are now the QUABN3 and the OOSHN3. Lastly, the SCUPP4 arrival has been removed.

Real-World Letter to Airmen


Arrival updated to WIPOR3. Additionally, some small changes to the airport diagram.


Airport Diagram update, terminal construction.


Burlington Clearance/Delivery created, frequency added to charts.


ZELKA1 RNAV arrival created.


1 month ago

ATC Online

Controller Position Frequency Sign-On
No controllers currently online.

Air Traffic

Inbound: 3 Outbound: 4 View All

A319/L KALB 37000 ETE: 1 hours
KAP20 KBOS PSM ENE Francisco Obregon MROC
C402/G KBHB 5000 ETE: under 1 hour
T/PA28/F KMTP FL050 ETE: under 1 hour
B738/L CYUL 28000 ETE: under 1 hour
DLH423 KBOS LBSTA3 LBSTA V139 ... T150 ROLIS DCT Emanuel Hagen EDLD
H/B744/L EDDF F350 ETE: 6 hours

Weather parsed

KBOS 172254Z 29012G18KT 10SM FEW023 BKN040 08/04 A2972 RMK AO2 SLP064 T00830039

KMHT 172253Z 30004KT 10SM FEW028 BKN043 BKN055 06/03 A2970 RMK AO2 SLP074 T00610033

KBDL 172351Z 33010KT 10SM BKN021 OVC065 07/01 A2981 RMK AO2 SLP096 T00670011 10106 20067 53016

KPVD 172351Z 29006KT 10SM SCT030 OVC095 08/03 A2977 RMK AO2 SLP081 T00830028 10111 20083 53012