Scenery files hosted by the Boston ARTCC


The Boston ARTCC hosts a number of freeware sceneries of airports within ZBW for your enjoyment. Before installing these sceneries please always read the README.txt file associated with each package as there may be additional files that you may need to download for these packages to work correctly. A big thank you goes out to the freeware authors who have given their time to enhancing the online flying experience!


Boston ARTCC does not and will not supply any support for these products. If you have any questions regarding these sceneries, please contact the developer, whos contact details can be found in the README.txt within the ZIP file.

Future Files or Suggestions

If anyone has any suggestions for any future scenery files or replacment scenery files for the files we are currently hosting or if you are a scenery developer and would like to enhance the ZBW airspace some more, then please contact atm{at}


The Boston ARTCC, VATUSA, VATSIM or any of it's affiliates cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss of data or destruction of any computer component while using these sceneries. These products are supplied "as is" from the developer and should be used accordingly. All rights for these files are held by their respective owners. For further copyright or license information, please check the README.txt within each ZIP file.